The Bait

​Are you sick and tired of spending so ​much money trying building a list which never convert?


Allow Me To Show You A Secret Strategy Which Can Be Easily Duplicated To Grow A List Of Hungry Buyers Even If You Are A Newbie WITHOUT Any Experience!


​This Ground Breaking New Strategy Combine with 100% FREE BUYER TRAFFIC With the Untapped Potential of ​Messenger Chatbots & Autoresponder to Generate Cold Hard Cash 24/7

  • 1It’s an original untapped brand new strategy that’s 100% Newbie friendly which you’ve never seen before and you will never be able to find it anywhere on the internet.
  • 2​You DO NOT need any online experience, technical skills, email list or product of your own to get result with this and BEST of all you DO NOT need to buy any expensive software or tools.
  • 3​Step by step 3 Modules 9 parts Video Training explaining in detail so you never feel lost or confused but if you got lost if that’s even possible, get me on Skype or Facebook and I will guide you all the way to make sure you get everything done properly for FREE!
  • 4​Buyer traffic are the BEST, unfortunately it’s very difficult to come by and it’s the most expensive of all but with this new untapped strategy you will ​discover how easy it is to get all the automated buyer traffic you will ever need for FREE!



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​How Can This New Secret Strategy Give ​You The Best Result In The Shortest Time Invested?

​THE BAIT is a revolutionary, never-before-seen video training designed to make it easy for anyone, even someone who has NO experience whatsoever, to profit from hungry buyer leads that engage ​and put money in your pocket.

​3 Modules 9 Parts Video Courses that will quickly help you ​to jump start your journey


On this Module, you will learn how to quickly and easily search for hot hungry buyers and setup all the necessary stuffs to get them to subscribe to your list.


On this module, you will learn the strategy to bait the hot hungry buyers to subscribe to your list and setup The Bait’s Funnel and start to make some serious money!


On this Module, you will learn where to find and then choose the perfect Affiliate Offer to send to your buyers leads in order to make some sales.

Hi, I’m Kenny

I’ve been in the IM circle for the past 8 years mainly doing Email Marketing and selling Solo Ads.

Throughout these years, after all the failure and ​buying all the half complete product, I decide to build my list and the rest is history.

As time goes by, I’ve come to realized that buyer leads are the most sort after list and it’s the most difficult leads to obtain. Even if you’ve got a way to buy them, it will burn a big hole in your pocket so I’ve decided to create The Bait so that you can get your buyer leads for FREE and start to generate some real hard CASH!

Basically You’ve Got 2 Options

​OPTI​​​​ON​ #1


​This method is new and not known to many people and ​best of all, the traffic you got is highly targeted and FREE!

You get instant buyer ​traffics YES REAL BUYERS without having to fork out a single penny and converts them into leads and sales faster with less effort compare to the tradition method.

Conversion rate is much higher compare to the old tradition method in addition, it’s easier to convert high ticket products!



​This method has been around for a long time and of course it still works very well but…

…getting good quality targeted leads is getting very difficult as a lot of people are NOT using their primary email address when subscribing to your list.

You need huge amount of subscribers or traffic in order to get a reasonable amount of buyer leads and it’s very expensive!

​If you’re struggling to get super targeted buyers traffic to your offers, ​launch The Bait’s strategy and you will instantly get the result!

​If you’re struggling to ​build your buyer list, launch The Bait’s strategy and you will instantly get the ​buyer list!

​If you’re struggling to make decent amount of money online, launch The Bait’s strategy and you will instantly get the ​money!

If you’re ​procrastinating, unable to take the first step or still wanting to stand behind the wall observing, THE BAIT 50% offer will be gone and you will have to pay the full price so hurry…


​You Have Absolutely ZERO Risk With Our

30 Day​​​​s Money Back Guarantee

​We can continue to talk about how powerful “THE BAIT” training is for the next 24 hours but the best is still for you to take a test drive to experience the power of “THE BAIT”

If for any reason you ever think “THE BAIT” does not live up to your expectation or for no reason at all, just let us know within 30 days and we will give you a 100% refund of your tiny investment without any question asked!

We’re willing to take on ALL the risk because we know that once you get inside “THE BAIT” and see just how easy it is to bank big profits with, you’ll be addicted for life!


​What Exactly is THE BAIT?

THE BAIT is a NEW strategy video training designed specially to help newbies and veteran marketers on how and where to get FREE buyer traffic then convert them to generate sales and leads using a proven method.

​Do I Need A Website?

​No, you do not need to have a website to use THE BAIT however, you need to be able to build at least 3 webpage somewhere online – you can utilize free site builder like Wix or WordPress.

How Long Does It Take To Get The Traffic Flowing?

​You can get the traffic flowing as fast as a week if you follow the step by step instruction religiously but I’ve seen a few of my students got the traffic as early as 4 days!

Didn’t find the answer you’re looking for?

You can contact me using:

1 – Contact from at the  bottom of this page

2 – Skype: Kennykjtan

3 – Facebook

I’m a Newbie, Can I benefit from THE BAIT?

​Of Course, that’s the beauty of “THE BAIT”. This is a step by step video course specially designed with newbies in mind to start making money.

You do not need and online skill or experience to start getting buyer traffic to make money online.

​I’ve Never Made Anything Online – Can it Help Me?

​Yes! ​THE BAIT might sound complicated and advanced but it’s based on a very simple concepts which main purpose is to produce results even if you’ve never made a penny online in your life.

​Does ​THE BAIT Strategy Require Any Paid Tools?

​The software we use has both free and paid version but it is ​NOT required to have the paid version to follow the video training and launch your first bait to generate buyer leads  or generating sales.

​How Do I Get Started?

​That’s an easy question! Just click the button below make the order and you will be taken to the members area, then watch the training and take action!

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